The Moto E4 Plus packs a 5000mAh battery for days of charge

And it’s a steal at £159
12 June 2017 / 14:40BST

Screens get bigger, chips get quicker, cameras get better. Rare, though, is the smartphone that carries a battery good for days. Sticking a 5000mAh cell in your latest 5.5in talky box ought to do it, though, which is exactly what Motorola’s done with the E4 Plus. It plays nice with 10W rapid chargers, too, so even when its capacious tank runs dry you won’t be waiting for long. A quad-core chip should make Android 7.1 run smoothly enough for most, while a fingerprint scanner and 14MP snapper make this quite the £159 bargain. Need something smaller? The less spec-heavy E4 will cost you £129.