Mony is a pocketable 4G Android blower that looks like a miniaturised iPhone

My phone mini
28 May 2021 / 11:01BST

If you’re fed up having to try and fit a phone the size of a surfboard into your trousers, you might like the sound of the Mony mini ($99). This dinkiest of Android smartphones weighs just 60g and has a front face the size of a payment card, making even Apple’s iPhone 12 mini appear comparatively huge. But small doesn’t mean puny. Design-wise, it looks swish – like an iPhone that shrank in the wash. And the device packs in a lot with a 4-core CPU, a 3in 854×480px display, 4G, Bluetooth, dual SIM slots, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and a USB-C port. You’ll be able to download all your favourites from Google Play too, although we’ll need one in our hands before we can say whether the Mony’s merely a convenient spare for basic calls and the odd bit of internet, or a genuinely usable and affordable tiny smartphone. Still, for the money it’ll almost certainly be a solid option for young kids – or when you want to pretend you’re a giant.