Meizu Zero is the first smartphone wholly without holes

It’s put a stop to sockets and speaker grilles
23 January 2019 / 12:21GMT

While the majority of smartphone manufacturers have reduced the number of ports in their smartphones down to one (pour one out for the endangered 3.5mm headphone jack, Jack), China’s Meizu has gone to extremes with its new Zero (price and availability TBC), which it dubs “the world’s first holeless phone”. That means there isn’t even a speaker grille on this handset – it pumps out audio directly from its curved 5.99in screen – while charging and data transfer is handled wirelessly, the SIM tray is replaced by an embedded eSIM and, with control coming entirely via the touchscreen and a pressure-sensing side, physical buttons are nowhere to be seen. This all makes the ceramic unibody superbly waterproof, but we can’t help but wonder if there’s a touch of “we’re doing this because we can” about it all.