Dual-cam Nokia 8 is Zeiss as nice

But selfies are so 2016, so you've got to use the front-facing snapper too
16 August 2017 / 19:45BST

Nokia is finally stepping up to the plate with a flagship phone - and it has brought long-time collaborator Zeiss optics on board to help out with the camera tech too. The Nokia 8 has all the kit you’d expect, like a Snapdragon 835 CPU, 2K screen and near-pristine stock version of Android, but it’s the twin 13MP cameras on the back that stand out: use one for colour and the other for black & white photos, or pair ‘em up for higher quality. Or combine with the 13MP cam on the front for front-and-back photos and live videos. It all comes wrapped up in the best-looking Nokia phone to date, in fetching copper colours. You’ll be able to bag one in early September for €599.


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