Apple's new red iPhone 7 is a charity-funding beauty

Every sale will help defeat AIDS/HIV
21 March 2017 / 13:00GMT

Ooh, red! Striking, eh? But Apple's new Product (Red) Special Edition is more than just a standard iPhone in fancy new clothes: it's a standard iPhone in fancy new clothes that also does good for the world, because every sale bumps a little cash into the Global Fund against HIV and AIDS. The bad news: Apple's not showing any charity towards consumers, with the standard model coming in at £699 (128GB version) or £799 (256GB). The Plus is an even dearer £819 or £919. Still, you could just buy a Product (Red) leather or silicone or battery case for your existing iPhone 7 - they’re a mere £39. The whole range is available right now from the Apple Store.


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