Apple’s iPhone 12 looks like the lovechild of an iPad Pro and an iPhone 11

But dozen it look good?
13 October 2020 / 19:06BST

With its flat edges, Apple’s iPhone 12 (from £799) takes its design cues from the iPad Pro – or, if you’re getting on a bit, the iPhone 4. It’s thinner, smaller and lighter than its predecessor, but packed full of cutting-edge tech. The 6.1in Super Retina XDR display ramps up the resolution to a pin-sharp 2532×1170. There’s 5G for speed, and an A14 Bionic for a different kind of speed, Apple claiming its new chip trounces the competition and even delivers ‘console quality’ gaming performance. There’s new screen tech for improved drop safety (although, er, still don’t drop yours), better cameras that employ a seven-element lens and have a vastly improved night mode, MagSafe to snap on magnetic chargers and accessories, and a smaller iPhone 12 mini for 100 bucks less. Is there anything this new iPhone doesn’t have? Yes: a power adapter and a charger, because Apple’s gone greener and taken those out of the box.