This smart tea machine reckons it has nailed the perfect brew

Better than your Gran's?
18 September 2017 / 16:05BST

For years we’ve bickered about exactly how you make the perfect cup of tea, but (apparently) all we needed was an automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic extraction to give its brewing method the upper hand on your average greasy spoon cuppa. Who knew? Teamosa’s technique is said to increase antioxidants yield, benefiting your health in the long-term. But there’s more. Once you’ve loaded the infusion chamber with tea leaves or paper tea capsules, you essentially have two options: choose one of the preset programs, or (the cool bit) partner the device up with an app. From there, you can adjust brewing temperature, steeping time, strength and cup size, safe in the knowledge that the app will remember your preferences. Tea connoisseurs can back it on Kickstarter from $USD239.

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