Roome’s portable lamp is out to eradicate stubbed toes

Shines a wee light on your night-time excursions
28 March 2017 / 10:44BST

You might not think you get up in the night. But you probably do, with much stubbage of toe, knocking over of bike and general noisy drama. All out of some misplaced desire not to wake anyone up by turning on the light. It’s a flawed system, easily solved with an automatic night light. Sensor lights aren’t a new idea, but this Roome Mini Plus (from US$39, has the added benefit of looking nice. Motion sensors will spot your nocturnal activation and bring it to life, and it’ll turn itself off again once you’ve fallen asleep. There’s an app to fine-tune the parameters, and Roome says it will learn your habits. Plus, it’s portable: the leather strap unclips so you can hang it somewhere handy between bed and bathroom.

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