The Ring Always Home Cam is a bonkers security camera drone that patrols your home when you’re not there

Come fly with me
24 September 2020 / 19:38BST

Just about getting used to the idea of having a smartphone-controlled security camera in your house? Well, now Ring has one that flies. The Ring Always Home Cam is exactly what it looks like, a small autonomous indoor drone with a camera. It automatically flies to predetermined areas of your home and gives you multiple viewpoints, which from a security point of view is obviously more useful than a stationary camera that’s only able to keep a watchful eye on one room. It is is a bit creepy? Undoubtedly, but it only records when in flight, and physically blocks the camera when in its charging dock, which it automatically returns to when the battery needs charging. And Ring says it’s loud enough in flight that it won’t creep up on you while you’re getting dressed. Phew. No UK release plans right now, but the Always Home Cam will retail for $249 in the US.

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