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Pawbby Smart Bowl stops your pets getting fat

No time to diet

When you go to the cupboard for yet another biscuit you only have your gluttonous self to blame, but our furry friends don’t have that level of self-control. To help your cat or dog keep an eye on its waistline, feed them using Pawbby’s Bluetooth-powered Smart Bowl (£54, available December). It includes a high-precision sensor so you can measure out the exact amount they should be eating for each meal, while the accompanying app records each portion, so you can keep track of their eating habits and make sure they’re not getting fed by multiple people each day. It also offers feeding tips based on your pet’s species, weight, sex, and food brand, a bit like a digital dietician. The stainless steel bowl itself is even angled at 7 degrees, which helps to protect their cervical spine when they’re chowing down. Now if only they’d make one for humans.