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The Optoma UHD51ALVe is a super-sharp projector with Alexa voice control

Look who's talking.

What’s better than a 4K Ultra HD projector? How about a 4K Ultra HD project with added Alexa voice control support? Sounds too good to be true, right? Not quite, because that’s precisely what Optoma is offering with the UHD51ALVe (£1,599.99), a new smart projector that beams out crystal clear, vibrant 4K UHD images while letting users control proceedings by stretching their vocal chords. Want to turn the projector on, adjust the volume, and switch inputs without moving a muscle? Just connect the device to your Amazon Echo and you’ll be able to do all that and more. Gone are the days of spilt popcorn while you desperately search for your remote in the dark. The age of smart devices is here for good, and that means easy living and slightly concerned neighbours. I mean, you’re going to look a bit barmy talking to a projector.

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