Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach is a fitness tracker for your house

Time to get your lazy abode in the shape of its life...
17 May 2017 / 12:32BST

Your house might not smoke like a factory or have an addiction to freakshakes, but its poor air quality could be taking a hit on your health. That’s where this little cylinder comes in. The Healthy Home Coach (£90), previously only available in the US but now out in the UK, measures air quality, humidity, temperature and noise levels, giving you a live rating for each in its companion app. If the room is too stuffy or humid, the app will send you an alert with some advice on how to fix it. Thanks to HomeKit support, you can ask Siri to check on your home’s conditions or connect it to other tech like smart lights. And maybe, one day, you'll have a HomeKit dehumidifier that'll switch itself on and turn your house from needy toddler into a genuinely smart, independent home.

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