Nanoleaf launches Essentials range to make smart lighting more affordable

Light it up
11 November 2020 / 13:07GMT

Nanoleaf wants to make smart lighting more affordable with its all new 'Essentials' range. The new line features cheap and cheerful smart bulbs and light strips that can be used to set the mood without breaking the bank. According to Nanoleaf, both the A19 Smart Bulb (£17.99) and Essentials Lightstrip (£17.99) can churn out vivid bright whites that meet your daily lighting needs, and can even use built-in Circadian Lighting tech to automatically adjust the colour temperature to complement the natural light conditions in your home. Both options are also capable of flitting between millions of colour and brightness combinations, and offer support for app and voice control. Additional Nanoleaf features like Colour Scenes, Screen Mirror, and Rhythm Music Sync wil also be added via updates in the near future. Talk about a bright spark. 

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