Motorola’s Focus 68 promises smart home security on a budget

Safety first
12 December 2017 / 19:00GMT

Smart security is booming, and will only get bigger in 2018 - but even security cameras on the lower end tend to set you back north of £100. Not so with Motorola’s Focus 68, which at £59.99 could well be the cheapest cam we’ve seen so far. What does that money get you? An 110-degree field of view (plenty to spot unwelcome guests), digital zoom and infrared night vision. There’s sound, motion and temperature detection, as well as a night light on the camera’s exterior that can be turned on and off remotely. Like most smart security cams, the Focus 68 connects to an app on your smartphone or tablet - in this case the Motorola Monitors app - which you can then use to watch an HD stream of whatever’s going on at home over Wi-Fi. Manual recording, image snapshots and notifications are included at no extra cost, but if you opt into the monthly or yearly subscription service you get motion-triggered video recording and access to the new Daily Video Summary. Pick one up on Amazon now.

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