The Lupe Pure Cordless deep-cleaning vacuum is a real sucker

Dust buster
14 June 2019 / 12:10BST

Lupe Technology's new cordless vacuum is a new totally wireless sucker that promises to deliver the same clout as its wired brethren. Created by a team of former Dyson experts, the Lupe Pure Cordless (£460) uses a patented Suction Intensifier to deliver the strongest and most efficient clean of any cordless on the market. Its powerful motorised agitator to pick up hair and deep-down dirt (making it great for carpets) in combination with an air tight rotating seal that confirms to all surfaces and debris. The Pure Cordless also features a 'velocity vane' that reduces the opening on the floor surface to further bolster suction, giving the hoover a bit of extra firepower when the going gets tough. If you're after a vacuum that really sucks, then, you could do a lot worse than the Pure Cordless.

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