iRobot packs some of its best robot vacuum innovations into the more affordable Roomba i3+

Robot chores
12 January 2021 / 12:46GMT

Robot vacuum cleaners are one of those gadget families that will never stop feeling futuristic, and iRobot has for a while now made some of the best of them. Starting at £699, the Roomba i3+ certainly costs more than your average Henry, but it boasts some of the premium features previously only available in the more expensive Roomba i7+ and S9+ models, including the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. With this, the robot empties up to 60 days’ worth of dirt and debris into the Clean Base (also its charging station) unaided, saving you from making frequent visits to the bin. The i3+ intelligently cleans across both hard floors and carpet and utilises its maker's three-stage cleaning system to to rid your house of all dirt in every crevice. It automatically recharges itself when juice is running low before finishing its scheduled clean. And if you’d rather bark instructions than issue them in the app, the robot can be controlled using Google Assistant or Alexa. The Roomba i3+ robot vacuum is available to buy now, and can also be purchased without the Clean Base, starting at £449. 

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