Dyson’s Pure Humidifier + Cool will help you breathe easy all year round

Go Go Gadget Flow
03 April 2020 / 14:26BST

Vacuum your carpet, clean your windows, wipe down your lighting fixtures, that’s all doable – but when it comes to cleaning the air around you, a feather duster will simply not do, which is where Dyson has all the answers with its army of microbiologists and engineers. Dyson’s Pure Humidify+Cool sniffs out the quality of air, which then flows in and 99.0% of the bacteria lurking in the water is obliterated, and the silver-threaded evaporator is an additional provision to prevent bacteria growth. The water vapour released from the evaporator is projected through the Air Amplifier back into the room. It’ll be able to sense and capture ultra-fine pollutants, including allergens, bacteria and pollen. The new airflow modes now also include cooling technology, with two jets placed either side of the air amplifier, so you’re even covered on those unbearably hot summer days stuck working from your gaff. It’ll set you back £599.99 and the handy Dyson app enables you to visually track indoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels when you need a break from spreadsheets.

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