Dyson’s Hot+Cool Formaldehyde Purifier is the most advanced one yet

Silent killer
07 April 2021 / 12:18BST

Pollutants will be terrified to discover their days are numbered, even the smallest most discreets ones, now Dyson has included formaldehyde sensing technology into its latest purifier. That means it’ll capture ultrafine dust and allergens and potentially dangerous VOCs such as formaldehyde (yeah, the same stuff Damien Hirst submerged a tiger shark in). Furniture and wooden products, such as plywood, plus many varnishes and paints contain the stuff and it’s particularly difficult to capture particles so teeny, which are potentially harmful. It’s 20% quieter than previous models too and is engineered to remove 99.95% of particles. Dyson’s Hot+Cool Formaldehyde purifier (£599) comes in white and gold and its impressive skills are certainly deserving of making the shortlist for your next home office recruit.

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