ChopBox is a smart cutting board with integrated timer, sharpener, and scales

A cut above
16 September 2019 / 16:38BST

Given how smart tech is taking over the kitchen, it was only a matter of time before a smart cutting board arrived. Fortunately, ChopBox (from $99) isn’t a gimmicky Alexa-enabled board with a speaker for Spotify. Instead, this waterproof bamboo beauty wants to replace a bunch of kitchen gadgets. There’s an integrated scale and timer, with digital readouts powered by a battery that’ll last 30 days before you having to – somewhat absurdly – charge your chopping board. And when it comes to chopping, ChopBox has a UVC light for sanitising knives, built-in sharpeners, a run-off groove, and an integrated second board so you can separate different foods. Sadly, though, there isn’t a tiny integrated chef to cook your dinner as well – perhaps that’ll be in ChopBox 2.0.

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