Bad with cash? This wall-mounted money monitor could be your Saviour

Minimalist tracker helps you reach your saving goals
30 January 2019 / 10:57GMT

“Is that some sort of clock?” guests will ask when they see the large mechanical Polo hanging on the wall of your minimalist factory conversion. Of course, you could keep its true function a secret and just pretend it’s a circular chunk of modern art, or you could tell them the truth and explain that it’s called a Saviour. Available in scarlet, emerald, cobalt, ivory or ebony, in a way it is a bit like a clock, but instead of minutes it counts money via an app that’s connected to your online banking account. It’s up to you how many pounds each unit of movement represents and how much you want to save, but when the whole thing is full up it’s shopping o’clock and that new 4K TV, iPad Pro or whatever other treat you’ve had your eye on is yours. There’s no pricing info available yet, so if you want to save up for one unfortunately you’re on your own.

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