Arlo's Video Doorbell offers a head to toe field-of-view

Quite the chimer
17 October 2019 / 15:50BST

Arlo says its first video doorbell allows users to get a bigger, more precise picture of their front porch. Fairly useless in itself, unless you’ve been at the pub too long and can’t remember what the hell your house looks like, but excellent if there is someone dodgy standing on it and you want to catch them in the act of looking decidedly shifty. With high-resolution live video, two-way audio including direct-to-mobile video calls for putting the willies up unwanted visitors, plus what Arlo claims is an industry-Leading vertical field-of-view with an optimized 1:1 aspect ratio, you can capture people from head-to-toe should your would-be burglar have a fetish for wearing stilettos. With HDR video and night vision, you'll still be able to spot stiletto details even in the darkest of nights. It’s available now and users receive a complimentary three-month trial of Arlo's Ai subscription service. 

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