Amazon’s Echo Show 10 can’t keep its eye off you

But is it too good to be true?
24 September 2020 / 19:36BST

If you’ve had Alexa living with you for a while you’ll know she’s always listening, but pick up a new Amazon Echo Show 10 (£239.99) and she’ll always be watching too. With a built-in 13MP wide-angle camera and swivelling base that includes a brushless motor, the Echo Show 10 can physically rotate to follow you around the room – handy if you like to pace around while you’re on a video call. Its woofer and pair of front-firing tweeters also move with it, so the sound won’t suffer just because you’ve gone for a wander. With newly added support for Netflix, that 10in HD screen should get some extra use, while Zigbee and BLE onboard make it a proper smart home hub too. Next up: legs.

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