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Amazon Echo Auto turns any car into KITT

“Alexa, are we nearly there yet?”

In 2004, a man spotted Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff at a concert and shouted: “You’re nothing without your robot car!” at him. Clearly the heckler had never seen the Hoff as Boner in Revenge of the Cheerleaders. If only Amazon’s new Echo Auto (£50, amazon.co.uk) had existed at the time, Hasselhoff could’ve turned any old motor into a robot. It might look like a USB charger but the Echo Auto has eight microphones onboard and has been designed specifically to cope with the racket of the road. It connects to Alexa’s servers using the app on your phone and can be hooked up to your car’s stereo system via Bluetooth or old-fashioned 3.5mm jack. That means you can change the music, listen to an audiobook, check the weather, or any of the other stuff you normally offload to your robo helper without having to take your eyes off the road. Leather jacket not included.