Amazon Buttons turn Alexa into your family game night's quizmaster

Buzz in to win points, cause family arguments - just in time for Christmas
19 December 2017 / 14:30GMT

Amazon's Alexa AI assistant knows a thing or two - ask her anything and there's a good chance she'll have the right answer. Handy for homework, sure, but couldn't general knowledge be a little bit more...  exciting? Amazon Echo Buttons, COME ON DOWN! These blinged-up Bluetooth buzzers hook up to any Echo speaker (including the snazzy new fabric-wrapped models) and turn a Q&A session into a game show. Each one lights up to show which team you're on, and Alexa has learned a few one-liners to throw your way when you're doing particularly well. Or not, as the case may be. You'll be able to pick up a pair of pucks for £20 right now, with delivery just in time for Christmas - so now there's no excuse for breaking out the board games on Boxing Day.

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