The Alexa-enabled Awair wants to help you breathe more easily by analysing what’s in the air around you

Take a breath
11 July 2018 / 12:17BST

We all know ambling about in a haze of traffic fumes isn’t likely to make your lungs sing with joy, but it turns out indoor air can also be dangerous. Just how dangerous – and what you can do about it – is something Awair (£159) is keen to address. This walnut-encased device analyses indoor air. A colour-coded at-a-glance display outlines current conditions for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, chemicals and fine dust. The last of those is new to this second edition – and important to be warned about, given associated health issues. Compatible with the likes of Alexa and Nest, the Awair also has an app that provides tips (such as using an extractor fan when cooking), notifications, and sleep reports – assuming you can now get any on discovering the air in your home is seemingly little better than what you’d get being dangled above the M25.

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