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This smart device reckons it can replace the calendar on your wall

The Skylight Max is a display you can pop on your wall for a digital family calendar that everybody can add events to.

Skylight's calendar max on wall

Digital picture frames were all the rage when they first hit the shelves. And then smart displays took over as an extension of your smart home. But a maker of the former has come up with a different version of the latter. Skylight has come with the Calendar Max – a 27-inch smart display that wants to replace your family planner on the wall.

Skylight’s Calendar Max syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Cozi, and Yahoo, making sure you never miss Aunt Mabel’s birthday again. You can control the device from a companion app. The best feature here is that you can add separate calendars for each member of your family, which show up in their own colour. Since it syncs to your existing cal app, you don’t need to re-enter any events. It’s like the smartest family planner you’ve seen.

Size is the name of the game here. With a 27-inch display, the Calendar Max is closer in size to a TV than your regular family planner. But, don’t expect this big lad to play your favourite Netflix shows or boss around your smart home devices. It’s deliberately streamlined, keeping distractions at bay. It’s a mammoth display, but you can set up different calendar views that are still chock full of information. You can also orient it either portrait or landscape – whichever suits your wall best. And it does have one other trick up its sleeve – you can send over photos and let it double up as a digital picture frame.

Ready to take your family calendar planning to the extreme? Skylight’s Calendar Max will set you back a pretty hefty $600. It’s not quite available just yet, you’ll have to wait until June for that. But you can pre-order the smart display with a $100 deposit. It’s a lot pricier that your regular smart display, but the giant screen might make up for that if you’ve got a gaping hole on your kitchen wall.

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