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Sage’s debut sparkling drinks maker is my latest kitchen must-have

The InFizz Fusion is Sage's debut sparkling beverage maker, and can handle fizzing up almost any drink you'd want

Sage InFizz Fusion

If you’re anything like me, you like to sink down a nice fizzed up drink every now and again, but hate the sickly sweetness of soda. Luckily, there are kitchen gadgets that can help to carbonate your favourite drinks at home. And Sage’s latest gadget is its debut entry into carbonated drinks machines. The InFizz Fusion can handle fizzing up almost any drink you’d want.

As sunnier climes approach, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Like other carbonated drinks machines, the Sage InFizz Fusion is designed to fizz up whatever beverage you plonk below it. It can add fizz to most drinks, except for things like milk, letting you come up with your own concoctions. It works best for sparkling water if you like the taste of static TV. Or with Sage’s flavour additions, you can whip up your own glass of cola! It can also rejuvenate any fizzies you’ve already got that have gone flat.

What sets the InFizz Fusion apart from the gaggle of sparkling drinks machines already on the market is its FusionCap technology. This nifty bit of kit promises to let you carbonate your drinks without turning your kitchen into a scene from a slapstick comedy. It detects when your drink is starting to fizz up, and ensures that it doesn’t overflow all over your countertops.

Design-wise, the InFizz Fusion is no slouch either. It comes dressed to impress in five different colours: Brushed Stainless Steel, Sea Salt, Black Truffle, Damson Blue, and the more premium Noir (which will cost extra). The machine comes with a “twist and tilt” release mechanism, which means you won’t need to wrestle it into submission just to get your drink fix.

Ready to transform your kitchen into the next best thing since the pub down the road? Sage’s InFizz Fusion is up for grabs starting from £180 directly from the brand. Those extra bottles are £22 for a duo of 600ml or £25 for the 1L pair. Don’t forget, it plays nice with the standard 60L CO2 cylinders.

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