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Stuff Insider 21/10/16: 8 things you need to do this weekend

Stop doing nothing and start stopping doing nothing, then don’t do nothing. Starting with this!


Oh, hi!

Watcha doin’?

Er… nothing, really. I was about to make myself a cup of tea.

Can I have one?


But I’ll tell you a load of cool stuff to check out!

I suppose you’ll be wanting a biscuit, too?

Lovely. Garibaldi please.

Gari-… no one has those in the house! Why can’t you just have a Rich Tea like everyone else? OMG.



(I do quite like a Rich Tea, though.)

Me too. Three-second dunk is the maximum. Now, about that stuff…

Oh! Yes. Here it is. Damn. I broke my biscuit…

Download: SaveMyTime

Download: SaveMyTime

You checked your phone just then, didn’t you. You’re always doing it. Well, now you can put that compulsion to good use by telling SaveMyTime what you were doing immediately before. it’ll create a chart of how you spend your time! (In our case, it’s mostly ‘Checking my phone’.)

Download it >>

Watch: Designated Survivor (Netflix)

Don’t start this on Sunday night, or you’ll be worn out come Monday. Tom Kirkman is a journeyman cabinet member in the US government. When the Capitol building is taken out during the State of the Union address, he – as the Designated Survivor – must take the reins and get the country up and running again. It’s 24 meets The West Wing.

Watch it >>

Promoted: The best phone in the world…

(PROMOTED) Stuff’s number 1 smartphone is not what you expect

In fact, it’s one most people have never heard of. Stuff says the OnePlus 3 is the best phone ever – a no-compromise device with flagship performance at a bargain price – and it’s available exclusively on O2 in the UK. Click below to check out all the deals.

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Learn: Become a Spotify power-user

Learn: Become a Spotify power-user

Got all your songs in one massive list? Wish they weren’t all in one massive list? Get them out of that massive list using folders. Plus, learn how to search better, rescue deleted playlists, get song lyrics and more.

Read about it >>

Read: The GCHQ Puzzle Book

Read: The GCHQ Puzzle Book

This is the official book of the super-secret British spy place. And if you solve all of its fiendishly hard puzzles, a helicopter will appear over your house, and men will abseil out of the helicopter and take you away to be a dashing super-spy. Probably.

Buy it >>

Be transfixed by: Chemical Reaction GIFs

Whoa. Did that just…? But if you pour that into that, won’t it…? Cripes, that was a big bang, wasn’t it! Yes, it did. Yes, it will. And yes… yes, it was. Very much so. Well, if you want to spend an hour or so in a GIF vortex, you might as well learn something while you’re at it…

Get sucked in >>

Play: Maximum Car


Read about it >>

Re-watch: The West Wing (Amazon Video)

With the US election circus in full-on chaos mode, we decided to revisit The West Wing. It’s really quite astonishing how close the years-old plots are to what’s going on right now, too. Let’s walk and talk…

Watch it >>

Want to know more about the OnePlus 3 – the phone for people in the know? Of course you do. Click here and all will be revealed… >>

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