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Pro-Ject’s latest player lets you blast your tunes any way you want

The new Juke Box E1 player combines vinyl playback, Bluetooth streaming, and regular amplification so you can listen to your tunes however you want.

Pro-Ject's new Juke Box E1 record player

Remember the Pro-Ject Juke Box E from2017 with its swanky combo of vinyl playback, Bluetooth streaming, and amplification? Well, Pro-Ject has just dropped a second-gen version – the Juke Box E1. This new record player is set to be a top way to listen to your tunes, however you take them.

The Juke Box E1 is the cool new kid on the block. It replaces the award-winning Juke Box E (which, by the way, is now riding off into the sunset). This newer player carries over the turntable design from the Pro-Ject E1. This means we’re talking about a sleek sub-platter drive system, automatic speed change (because who has time to fiddle around?), and a new, improved tonearm.

But the Juke Box E1 isn’t just a pretty face. It keeps the integrated amplifier from its predecessor, meaning you can still hook up your traditional line-level source. Or, you can stream Bluetooth tunes from your smartphone to your heart’s content. And if you’re the type who loses the TV remote in the couch cushions, you’ll be chuffed to know that the Juke Box E1 comes with an IR remote control that you can lose as well.

Pro-Ject also packs features like a plug-and-play setup (because who wants to read instruction manuals?), accurate speed with automatic switching between 33 and 45rpm (for when you can’t decide between The Beatles and Billie Eilish), and a built-in Bluetooth receiver into the Juke Box E1. And let’s not forget the 50W per-channel Class D integrated amplifier to give some bang to your tunes.

You can grab the whole Juke Box E1 shebang for £799, which includes matching Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 speakers and all the accessories you need to start your own home concert series. Or, you can skip the set and just get the player for £599. So, when and where can you get your hands on this gem? The Juke Box E1 is strutting its stuff in the UK right now in Black, White, Red, and Walnut finishes.

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