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MSI’s Titan GT77 is a ridiculously powerful gaming laptop with insane specs

For on-the-go gamers who want *all* the power

Plenty of brands tout their tech as “world’s best”, but MSI’s latest high-end gaming laptop truly does appear to be the world’s most powerful consumer-grade laptop, on paper at least.

Its (quite frankly, ridiculous) specs include a 17.3in 120Hz 4K screen and a desktop-class 12th generation Intel Core i9-12900HX processor, along with Nvidia’s power-packed GeForce RTX 3080Ti graphics card. If that wasn’t enough, it can be configured to have up to 128GB of RAM, with a whopping 250W of power delivered to the CPU and GPU courtesy of MSI’s OverBoost tech.

Seasoned gamers will already be salivating on their screens having read the specs above, but if this is your first foray into the world of PC gaming, it’s pretty simple — based on the components alone, this thing is crazy fast, incredibly powerful, and should comfortably slice through the latest AAA games at high settings with laughable ease.

More than desktop PCs though, laptops have to deal with balancing power, performance, and heat. If things get too hot in a laptop’s naturally smaller chassis, performance drops, so it’s a constant dance between hardware and software to provide the best experience possible. Without having taken the GT77 for a spin ourselves yet though, we’d like to think that MSI’s next generation Titan Cooling solution is up to the task, with four fans, seven pipes and six exhausts to help keep the CPU and GPU perform efficiently at all levels.

Naturally, given its gaming DNA, the Titan GT77 has a suitably aggressive design, complete with RGB lighting across the rear and keyboard, which can be customised to your taste.The keyboard, by the way, is a mechanical affair courtesy of Steelseries, while all the usual ports from an SD card reader and audio jack, to HDMI and Thunderbolt 4 are all present and accounted for on the sides.

Super-speedy Wi-Fi 6 is a given (though you’ll need a compatible router to take advantage of it), as is a battery life that’s unlikely to last more than a few hours tops, when gaming with those power hungry specs. At just over 3kg it’s hardly a lightweight notebook either, but that’s to be expected considering what’s hiding under the hood.

We haven’t got hold of a UK release date or pricing as of yet, but considering the fully-specced version will set you back $4,949 in the US, we expect something equally eye-watering on this side of the Atlantic. Obviously you could spend less than that on an equally (if not more powerful) desktop gaming PC, but if you want to carry around insane power for gaming easily from different locations, a portable beast like the Titan GT77 is the way to go.

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