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Master & Dynamic’s MW75 headphones want to cover your ears in noise-cancelling luxury

Available to snap up from 28 June for £549

If you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of active noise-cancelling headphones recently, you’ll know there’s no shortage of options out there. New York-based Master & Dynamic is looking to set itself apart from most, however, with a focus on premium design and luxurious materials.

Take the recently announced MW75 over-ear headphones — landing three years after their MW65 predecessors with a rather hefty £549 price tag, the company is clearly aiming high, at the pricier end of the consumer market. But what does that chunky wad of cash get you?

Well, no plastic for a start. At least, not much — the MW75 is primarily forged from aluminium, with two tempered glass caps on each ear cup, encircled by precision-machined, micro-hole-laden aluminium for some high-end texture.

The headband and ear cushions soften things up with genuine supple leather, with a welcome dash of memory foam thrown in for a more comfortable, decadent listening experience. The included hardshell case sticks to the luxury theme too, with a soft felt covering.

Design aside, you’re getting the aforementioned active noise-cancelling treatment to help block out the outside world, with four microphones on each ear cup working together to help dim the hustle and bustle of your surroundings. It’s adaptive too, automatically adjusting itself depending on how loud everything around you is, and it’s even got the ability to help fight against wind noise, which can be a problematic issue in other noise-cancelling headphones.

On the sound front, the MW75 cans have a pair of 40mm Beryllium drivers which are specifically angled to pump sound directly into your ears (which, if you think about it, is exactly where you’d want them pointed), along with Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX Adaptive support for a rock-solid, reduced latency connection.

A 30-metre wireless connectivity range will come in handy for large offices/homes too, while battery life isn’t too shabby either. You can squeeze up to 32 hours of use out of the MW75 with active noise-cancelling turned off, or 28 hours with it on. Fast charging means you can get up to six hours of use on a nippy 15-minute charge too, which will come in very handy in a pinch.

Available in gunmetal, silver, and black options with a combination of black and brown leather finishes from 28 June, you can pre-register your interest directly with Master & Dynamic, if you wish.

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