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Limited Edition G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2000CR features a cracked mud camo design

Designed to handle the harshest, roughest places on earth

G-Shock Mudmaster Cracked Mud on a forrest floor

A new Mudmaster recently appeared. Now G-Shock has launched a limited edition version with unique cracked mud and distressed camouflage design. 

This new design makes the already-rugged watch look even more rugged (somehow). I can see this being a big hit with people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The Mudmaster is one of the best G-Shock watches around. It has a shock-resistant construction designed to withstand all the mud, water, and sand your adventures can throw at it. 

This new generation of Mudmaster offers a more comfortable fit than the previous generation thanks to a reduction in size. The forged carbon bezel makes the compact design possible. There’s a ‘Carbon Core Guard’ case structure, and mud-resist buttons combined with stainless steel pipes and silicone buffers.

G-Shock Mudmaster Cracked Mud on a white background

The GWG-2000CR sets itself apart with a dial, bezel. And a band that features a bold cracked pattern inspired by the demanding ground it helps you cover.

Premium materials

The case is ion-plated in black and then laser engraved. It is then subjected to an ageing process designed to look like mud-crack formations. All-over printing makes the cracked pattern on the band. Plus heat treatment creates a textured surface with extra depth. 

The watch has been created with powdered carbon fibre that is kneaded into resin. Then heat-pressed to mould a Mudmaster bezel that is more complex and intricate. Yet even stronger than before.

The Mudmaster dial features large numbered indexes plus extra-thick arrow-shaped hands. Plus double LED lights and a sapphire crystal to ensure high visibility in the toughest environments.

While inside, the Mudmaster is a triple sensor array. It keeps you updated with direction, altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature readings.

The G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2000CR is available now from the G-Shock website, priced at £749 (US price TBD).

The Mudmaster is a triple sensor array that keeps you updated with direction, altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature readings.

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