LG Tone Platinum SE brings Google Assistant to your neck

Plus Google Translate, for on-the-spot translations
21 August 2018 / 17:35BST

Talk about ungrateful – no sooner do we have the Google Assistant digital butler at our disposal, and already we’re complaining about having to dig our phones out of our pockets in order to use it. We know, we’re spoiled. But now LG has heard us and put Google Assistant in its latest pair of neckbuds, the Tone Platinum SE (aka HBS-1120). Thanks to a dedicated Google Assistant button, you don’t even need to say “OK Google” to get its attention – just press the button and your wish is its command. Which will be especially handy when abroad and you need to translate something. The Tone Platinum SE also promises clear high frequencies and robust bass thanks to the dynamic drivers. But it’s the phone-free Google Assistant we want to try. The future just got one step closer. Though just how much closer isn’t yet clear, as LG won’t announce pricing and a release date until IFA next week. Drat.

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