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Instant Pot x RHUDE is a pressure cooker unlike any other

Serious kitchen swag alert

Instant Pot

For the food lover who has everything, Canadian kitchen appliance manufacturer Instant Brands has forged an unlikely partnership with premium LA streetwear designer RHUDE to launch a pressure cooker that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

While the Instant Pot is a relatively well-known kitchen gadget that’s great at what it does, it’s scarcely been one for the style sweepstakes – until now.

Gone is the utilitarian brushed stainless steel look reminiscent of school dinners, replaced as you can see by RHUDE’s signature yellow colour palette and bold logo on the collaboration’s flagship product, the 6-quart Instant Pot Pro X RHUDE pressure cooker.

Compared to even the most entry-level items in RHUDE’s current collection, the Instant Pot X RHUDE is relatively affordable at $300, or around £220 in old money. However, we’re having to do the math there ourselves, as there’s been no word of a launch outside of the US – though regular Instant Pot and RHUDE wares are more widely availabe around the world.

Knives out for new collab

It’s one a handful of homewear and kitchen themed mash-ups between the two brands, with RHUDE also lending some serious swag to Pyrex designs, dinnerwear and Chicago Cutlery kitchen knives.

The idea, according to RHUDE founder and supremo Rhuigi Villaseñor, is “be part of ‘together moments’ when people use these products to cook and enjoy food with loved ones.”

So whatever you think of the collabs being somewhat self-consciously referred to as ‘useable art’, we think you’ll agree they’d brighten up any dinner party. At the top-end, this chef’s knife is a cool $600 (£440) and certainly looks worthy of slicing through more than a lemon – or join the party for as little as $60 (£44) for a piece of luxury branded food storage.

Check out the full collection on either the Instant Brands or RHUDE website.