You won’t lose this pen; it’s in love with your phone

We consider ‘love’ and ‘Bluetooth’ to be interchangeable concepts
21 March 2017 / 20:00GMT

A decent pen is part of your successful image – there’s no point striding in with the fancy suit and the pointy shoes only to ruin the sealing of the deal by proffering a scratty pen. Fortunately, well-known pen maker Cross has done a deal with geek-known tracker maker TrackR to make the Cross Peerless TrackR pen (£215). The pen is paired with your phone so within ten metres or so, one can be triggered to reveal itself with the other. Should you stray further from your scribe, things get really geeky – all of TrackR’s four million app users can be made silent hunters of your pen. Now go seal that deal!


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