Pioneer adds a bit of Jazzy Jeff to its DDJ-SB3 DJ controller

Scratch that
02 March 2018 / 13:00GMT

There are few things cooler than a DJ who knows how to scratch, but get it wrong and you’re gonna have a whole load of empty beer cups raining down on your head. Pioneer’s beginner-friendly DDJ-SB3 controller makes it near impossible to screw up your scratching, and it’s all thanks to DJ Jazzy Jeff. The Fresh Prince’s legendary sidekick teamed up with the Japanese brand to create the Pad Scratch feature, which lets you add various scratch techniques recorded by Jazzy (or do we call him Jeff?) himself to songs, without needing a turntable. You don’t even have to worry about speed, as tapping the pad automatically matches it with the BPM. Add to that the FX Fade function, which simultaneously adds an effect and reduces the volume of a track to make mixing easier, and you’ve got a budget controller that’ll have you tearing up clubs in no time. All you need is Will Smith and an outreagously bright jacket. The DDJ-SB3 is on sale now for £229.