Parrot’s Anafi is a backpack-friendly drone that’ll capture your outdoor adventures in glorious 4K HDR

Feature-stuffed and ready to fly
06 June 2018 / 16:16BST

Anafi is a remote and extraordinarily attractive Greek Island. Untouched by mass tourism, it’s unlikely to be your last-minute summer holiday booking, but if you did end up there, we reckon you’d want to bring along the new Parrot drone with which it shares a name. A supremely compact flyer with four foldable arms (making it look kinda like a grasshopper), Anafi will slip into your bag with minimal fuss. Once airborne, it can shoot 4K HDR videos at 30fps in all light conditions, as well as 21MP stills. A built-in 3-axis gimbal is on hand to de-wobble your footage, while the inclusion of a lossless zoom up to x2.8 means you can watch animals go about their business from above without getting having to get too close. The dedicated FreeFlight 6 app is designed to make piloting simple, and provided you can avoid bashing your mechanical insect into a tree, you should be good for 25 minutes on a full charge. Pick one up for £649 from July 1.


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