Orbitkey Nest is a wireless charger that doubles as a desk organiser

Box of tricks
02 March 2020 / 11:37GMT

Always losing stuff? Spend far too long rummaging through bags for a cable you’re convinced you didn’t leave at home? Then take a look at Orbitkey Next ($89). The lovechild of a Qi charger and a premium desk tidy, Orbitkey Nest is all about providing a home for your everyday essentials – wherever you happen to be. Its surface is a premium leather tray with wireless charging. Lift the lid and you gain access to a customisable space with movable dividers, making it easy to locate items – or spot if you were about to leave something behind. On the move, Orbitkey Nest can be flipped open like a book, and a secure elastic loop ensures your belongings don’t spill across the street when you accidentally drop the thing. Dare we say it looks a little bit tidy?