NowPresso boils up a cup of joe in the wild

Nespresso in your pocket
12 July 2017 / 13:03BST

Proper hot coffee is one of camping’s greatest omissions. Oh, sure, there are stunning vistas, the great outdoors and the general joy of snoozing beneath canvas. But, unless you’ve stuck George Clooney’s coffee maker in the car, getting a decent cup of the brown stuff can be pretty tricky. Back the NowPresso on Indiegogo (from US$168) and you’ll have a cup of hot, steaming caffeine at the touch of a button. Keep the 50ml water reservoir topped up and it’ll do up to 100 cups on a single charge, heating the water in 10 minutes. Yes, that’s slower than your kettle, but it’s worth the wait for Lungo on the go.