Moment Pebble is a tech-infused rock that wants to make you more mindful

Rock of ages
23 April 2019 / 11:50BST

Technology can fill every conceivable gap in your life, leaving you exhausted and stressed. Moment Pebble (£35) wants to buck this trend. Fashioned like an actual rock, the 60g device is designed to act as a simple, effective physical reminder to take a few moments for yourself. Flip it over and you’re taken through breathing exercises, the virtual rock glowing to help with timing. Intentionally, there are no further connections – no app on your phone; no online stats to hurl at friends. This device wants you to, a few times every day, focus on a tangible, real-world object that isn’t connected to technology, but that might help you connect with yourself. And, yes, this does mean you’ll be living in a world where you need to recharge a rock overnight.