Lego hits it out of the Jurassic Park with a 3000-piece brick-built T. rex

We clocked the T. rex at 1000 bricks per hour
12 June 2019 / 13:01BST

Until now, if you’ve wanted a Jurassic Park Lego dinosaur, you’ve ended up with a big hunk of plastic that’s more action figure than building experience. That all changes with Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage (£219.99), which on 19 June will see a pile of plastic bricks evolve into a terrifying posable T. rex set to rampage around your living room. The mammoth set comprises 3,120 pieces, and along with the 42cm high toothy dinosaur includes the film’s massive gate (with tiny dioramas based on key scenes embedded in its flip side). There’s also the customary set of mini-figs, including a suitably tussle-haired Dr. Ian Malcolm. That should be enough dino goodness for any Lego fan – at least until the Natural History Museum fossils collection rocks up later this year.