Columbia’s Star Wars jackets are suitable for a camping trip on Hoth

...But we’d probably wear them down the pub, too
08 December 2017 / 17:45GMT

Any brand not currently pursuing a Star Wars collab is well and truly missing a trick. In the last few months we’ve had Star Wars razors, Star Wars hoovers and Star Wars baked beans. Probably. Somewhere. Now it’s the turn of outerwear brand Columbia, which has just launched the Base range in its London flagship store. Each piece is a tribute to an iconic outfit from the movies. There’s the Luke Skywalker Echo Base jacket, inspired by the Jedi’s Hoth costume from The Empire Strikes Back and featuring Omni-Heat Reflective insulation; the Han Solo Echo Base parker, which will make you look virtually indistinguishable from the smuggler-turned-hero when worn with the trimmed faux-fur hood up; and the Leia Organa Base jacket, which for our money is the best of the lot. Each £360 jacket is officially licensed and very much limited edition, so you’ll need to move faster than the Millennium Falcon on a full tank to get hold of one.