Canon’s latest 4K laser projector is smaller and lighter than ever

XEED 4K6021Z tips the scales at 18kg
04 June 2019 / 15:01BST

Size and weight aren’t exactly big considerations when you’re buying a projector. If you’re shopping for one, the assumption is you’re not exactly lacking for space at home, and unless you plan to hold it yourself for the duration of the film, they don’t tend to get carried around too much. Still, that hasn’t stopped Canon billing this movie star as its smallest and lightest 4K laser projector. The XEED 4K6021Z (£31,000) still weighs 18kg but with a choice of seven different lenses you can put it pretty much anywhere and still get your perfect picture. It delivers 6000 lumens of brightness but the laser tech and a Long Duration mode mean it’s low maintenance and should keep shining for 40,000 hours, which is about 78 pence per hour. Bargain.