The Anker Nebula Capsule II makes one of the best portable projectors even better

The big picture
26 October 2018 / 12:20BST

When Anker said it had made a pico projector and 360 Bluetooth speaker combo that was no larger than a single can of Coke, we were sceptical. But the Nebula capsule delivered, so its successor, which will launch imminently on Kickstarter, is a very welcome surprise. The can-shaped design remains, but Anker has managed to ram even more tech inside. Resolution is now 720p, while brightness has been doubled to 200 ANSI lumens. A USB-C port is another welcome addition, and Anker says you’ll get a full charge in two and a half hours. Rounding off the portable package is Google Assistant, which now comes built in with Android TV. Protesting against the household movie night choice is as easy as shouting wildly at the projector like the giant child that you are. Get in quickly enough and you can pre-order the Nebula Capsule II for $349.