AI-controlled Mystic drone knows just where to point its camera

Recognition tech can identify humans and animals, then follow them
10 July 2018 / 16:15BST

The problem with drones? They’re just not smart enough – at least according to the makers of the upcoming Mystic (available to pre-order on Kickstarter for US$499 for a projected October 2018 launch), who boast that this little quadcopter is the “most advanced AI-powered drone” around. The Mystic’s robo-brain lets it react quickly to customisable gesture controls, as well as automatically recognise and lock onto its owner. Flick it into Safari Mode, meanwhile, and it’ll call upon its AI and machine learning skills to identify people or animals in order to train its 12.3MP 4K camera on them. It comes with a relatively short 300m Wi-Fi range (extendable to 800m with a relay) but, at 30 minutes, its battery life is one of the best on the market.