The 1477-piece Creator Expert Gingerbread House is Lego’s sweetest set ever

It’s a little bit tasty
13 September 2019 / 15:26BST

Ever since 2009’s Winter Village Toy Shop arrived, Lego’s invited brick fans to prepare for Christmas by building a suitably festive set. This year’s Lego Creator Expert Gingerbread House (£84.99, available 1 October) is an entertainingly literal take on its name. The 1477 pieces really do combine to fashion a gingerbread dwelling, including frosted roofs with gum drop buttons, and some lovely brick-built candy cane columns. Even the family inside is seemingly edible, comprising two gingerbread minifigs and a gingerbread baby print on a 2×1 tile. A glowing fireplace (by way of a Lego power brick) adds to the atmosphere, in a set that really does look good enough to eat. (Stuff top tip: probably don’t actually eat it, mind. Lego’s painful enough when you tread on some. We shudder to think what an entire set when nommed would do to your insides.)