xScreen for Xbox Series S turns your console into a giant laptop

Plug and play
09 July 2021 / 13:06BST

Keen on Xbox gaming, but jealous of the unwashed masses with their sickeningly portable Switch consoles? Fortunately, xScreen for Xbox Series S (from AU$259 – about £140; shipping January 2022) is on the way. The unit connects to the back of your Xbox in seconds, and a couple of coloured latches makes sure it stays put, transforming the entire concoction into something resembling an extremely chunky laptop. Fire it up and you can then start playing on the 11.6in 1080p display while audio blares out of the integrated speakers. Note you’ll still need a power source – xScreen won’t turn your Xbox into a handheld you can use on the Tube while people stare at you in disbelief – but pass-through charging means one cable will do the job. Moreover, xScreen’s small enough to sling in a bag for Xbox shenanigans on trips and means fewer scraps at home for the big-screen telly when half the family fancies some Xbox action while everyone else is dead set on watching the final of Strictly.