Woojer Edge is a wearable that wants you to feel the music – via haptic feedback

Woojer like one?
23 August 2019 / 15:30BST

Even the best headphones can’t compete with the WHUMP you feel in your bones at any gig where the band’s properly pumping up the volume. Woojer Edge (from $119) aims to bring that same physicality and immersion to personal audio experiences. Strap Edge is the lightweight option – a 240g oscillating frame (‘osci’) you strap to an appropriate part of your body. Connect your device via Bluetooth or a cable, and you’ll feel the bass while walking to work – or when keeping time working out. If you want to go the extra mile, there’s Edge Vest, a 2kg contraption with six embedded oscis. This is designed for full-on gaming immersion, whether sat in front of your PC or doddering about in VR. Just don’t turn it up too much, or a big in-game explosion might catapult you out of the window.