This Vive Tracker turns anything into a VR peripheral

Slap it on real-world objects to suck them into your virtual environment
22 March 2017 / 8:00GMT

The HTC Vive is already one of our favourite things ever – heck, we bestowed upon it a coveted Gadget of the Year 2016 award – and the best VR headset around. And it just got even better. How? By opening up more and more peripherals. Slap the upcoming Vive Tracker on real-world objects and they’ll become part of your virtual environment. So far we’ve seen it work with a gun, a pair of gloves, even a fire hose. The only limits are humanity’s imagination, a six-hour battery life... oh, and your bank balance. Each tracker will cost US$100. But, just think of yourself engaging in a virtual Time Crisis and all your money worries are as wisps of smoke from a gun barrel.