Super Retro Champ is a Switch-style console for original SNES and Mega Drive carts

Plug and play
07 January 2020 / 12:35GMT

Last year, Retro Champ freed your NES carts from the telly, letting you play them on the go. Now My Arcade is ‘Switching’ things up for the SNES and Sega Mega Drive as well. The suitably named Super Retro Champ ($110; available later this year) runs original carts from those classic 16-bit consoles (no dodgy ROM uploading here!), and has a full complement of buttons and triggers so you can play the games until your fingers and thumbs beg for mercy. Given the heft of the unit, you’ll welcome its kickstand and wireless gamepad support when your arms give out, although quite why the built-in 7in display is widescreen when all those ancient games were designed for 4:3 CRTs, we’ve no idea.